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iS_5537006XSmall-wirecutters.jpgElectrical Repairs and Rewiring

ZAP! That’s the sound of hair standing straight up and smiles turning upside down … and hopefully that’s the worst of it. The truth is that faulty electrical wiring is no laughing matter. That’s why Action Electric & Air is quick to provide reliable, home-inspector-ready code corrections for your home or business. We can rewire any property and perform electrical repairs wherever needed. 


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Experiencing power surges? Or are you just unhappy with the way your electronic appliances are working … or not working? Then it might be time to think about an electrical panel upgrade. Action Electric will upgrade your electrical service panel to one with higher amperage and help you plan ahead for future power needs.   


Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Many people assume that flipping a switch on their electrical panel or replacing a blown fuse is a simple DIY job that needn’t involve a professional electrician. The truth is that there is no DIY electrical job. Whether you need fuses replaced or a new circuit breaker installed, Action Electric & Air gets the job done right the first time.


Surge Protection

Why install a surge protector? First of all, there are so many appliances that can cause power surges: clothing washers and dryers, new air conditioners, computers, TVs, stoves, and the list goes on. Power surges can damage these appliances, and no one wants to run out to buy a new washing machine! Second of all, if you have a business, a power surge can cost your company greatly. Don’t let a lightning strike ruin your day. Talk to Action Electric & Air about our surge protection solutions.


Ceiling Fans, Bathroom Fans & Attic Fans

According to the National Fire Protection Association, “In 2011, an estimated 40,890 injuries were reported to hospital emergency rooms as involving air conditioners, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and heat pumps.” More than one-third of those injuries (14,620) were lacerations, so you can guess what the culprit was. Like any electrical work, fan installation is best left to the professionals. Fans demand action, electricity and air, so trust Action Electric & Air for professional installation of your ceiling fans, bathroom fans and attic fans.


Wiring for Additions & Remodeling

Are you thinking of turning a wing of your home into a rental space? Then talk to Action Electric & Air about our tenant fit-up service. We’ll make sure your space is ready to live in and completely up to code. The same applies for additions, extensions and remodeling work! Action Electric & Air provides the expertise you’re looking for when it comes to wiring your new space as well as any lights and appliances therein. We bring your home addition or renovation to life.


Home Theaters & Entertainment

“Are you not entertained!?” It’s one thing hearing those compelling words come out of a standard TV speaker, but it’s an entirely different thing hearing them emanate from a complete in-home theater with stereo surround sound. So take yourself out of the movie and think about bringing “the movies” home with you. Then ask yourself that question seriously. “Are you not entertained?” Because when it comes to home theaters and entertainment systems, with Action Electric & Air, the only limit is your imagination.